MG34-MG42: German Universal Machineguns

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  • The author, a First Lieutenant in the Norwegian Home Guard, has produced this unique, in-depth study of the MG34 and MG42 (the German Universal Machineguns of World War II) by combining his military expertise with his experiences as an avid recreational machinegun shooter and collector. Taking their cue from the MG16, proposed during WWI as the first-ever Einheitsmaschinengewehr (universal machinegun), an audacious programme was begun in secret in Germany in 1930 to develop one new weapon which would combine the advantages of the light machinegun and the heavy machinegun, and be capable of performing all the functions previously allotted to both. The book contains much profusely illustrated material on the historical development, fielding, tactical use of and modifications made to these remarkable guns and their myriad accessories and ancillaries, plus authoritative tips on Troubleshooting the MG42, and especially the MG34, today.


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MG34-MG42: German Universal Machineguns

MG34-MG42: German Universal Machineguns

496 sidor, 646 bilder, vikt 3 kg