Stockholms vapenfabrik was founded in 1880 to exploit Engineer K.H.J Palmcrantz
new and improved machine gun. Initially the company was called Palmcrantz & Co, but was named Stockholms vapenfabrik in 1886 when it was bought by Nordenfeldt. They made machine guns of their own design as well as canons and agricultural machines.

Palmcrantz or Nordenfeldt-machine gun (both names are used) was used throughout the world and often mounted on boats. The factory employed between 150 and 400 men, depending on production orders they had.

In the mid 1880's Nordenfeldt designed a submarine that was built in the factory.

1906 called for the liquidation of Stockholms vapenfabrik, and it was completed 1909th. But 1906 started AB Nya Stockholms vapenfabrik in FinnSpång, however, that company only existed a few years and was liquidated in 1913.

Today, Stockholms vapenfabrik have emerged again in a smaller scale.

Original plate of brass.

Palmcrantz & Winborg 10-barreled machine gun cal: 12.7 mm edge.
Made in Stockholms Vapenfabrik 1876.

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